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Artist Statement: I think we are living in an illusion but sometimes we are “touched” from the other side of the veil by reality. Arts, when they achieve it, are some of those magic gates that help us cross the veil offering a glimpse to the other side, like through a space-time warp via some kind of "poetry". Making Art is a practice, a life exercise that requires craftsmanship as a foundation. I work on it to contribute my two cents to help in "bringing Heaven to Earth". This specific proposal, working with Ink and Watercolours on Japanese hand-made paper, started on 2014, feeling like a good story about to unfold. It’s an exploration across Drawing -without a previous drawing, Painting -in a different way and partly an awareness of brush strokes as in oriental Calligraphy. A Minor Art. With capitol letters. Medium: I use Japanese "washi". The best Japanese papers are those which are made by hand and are produced during the winter months when snow is available for whitening the fibers naturally and the cold water keeps the fibers tight and compact during the sheet formation. For setting the paintings and being easy to display, preserve and collect, this material is inseparable from mounting. Due to this painting is mainly executed on Kitakata Paper (gampi fibers) which is soft and thin (it is broken easily when stored for a long time), the ancients of China/Japan invented mounting which is good for preservation and appreciation. There are two main ways: dry and wet. I mount my images onto cartridge paper using a dry hot press tissue. Conservation PH is taken into account along the whole process. Short biography Marcel Garbi is a renaissance Spanish artist born in Buenos Aires with a London heart who spent most of his adult life in Barcelona and Madrid. He lives and works in London since 2009. He declares not to recognize the alleged “boundaries” between arts: “Creativity is an attitude, a view about things even before those things may belong to any specific discipline. Where are their boundaries when you see everything in all?” His main professional artistic fields have been Painting, Illustration and Musical Composition. Other artistic explorations along his life include Theatre, Film-making, Motion Graphics, Interactivity, Animation, Design, Photography and Sound Design. The Commercial Illustration period spans for a bit more than a decade mainly in Barcelona represented by “Safia” for the biggest names in Advertising & Editorial such as Mc Cann Erickson, J. Walter Thompson, Young & Rubicam, Playboy, Haymarket, Philips, Merck, Abbot, Hornimans, Kraft, etc. making above all commissioned hyper-realistic airbrushed work. The Music Composition/Sound design period occupied also about ten years but this time that happened in Madrid. Marcel Garbi was composing music mainly for Theatre, although some Film music, Song writing and Concert Complex Music came out from that period as well. This current exploration painting with Ink and Watercolours on Japanese hand-made paper started some years ago down here in London till present. Marcel Garbi is the son of a painter; his father was his first teacher and mentor in Drawing and Painting. He received formal education about other disciplines such as Musical Composition (UCA), Piano and Drama. His paintings are included in private collections in USA, Australia, Spain, Germany and UK. To know more please visit his site:

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