Marek Hospodarsky

Marek Hospodarsky

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  Artist: Marek Hospodarsky
 Live in: Prague, Czech Republic
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Marek Hospodarsky Artist Bio:

I prefer oil on canvas, medium-large size. I'm interested in man and his secret relationship to higher forces and latent tendencies. Likewise, I am fascinated by the banality of life, relationships between people and great respect for nature. Painting, for me, is a way of looking on a world around us. It helps me to express all the things that i can`t express by word or a different way. I`m interested especially for human and it`s way to live. In existential, spiritual but even physical terms. On painting i find most interesting the possibility of capturing of imperceptible manifestation of secret and mystery of existence. It`s all just a hint that`s hiding under ostensibly simple art expression.

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