Maria Ferrari Hardoy

Maria Ferrari Hardoy

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  Artist: Maria Ferrari Hardoy
 Live in: Buenos Aires, Argentina
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Maria Ferrari Hardoy Artist Bio:

My work comes from the stream of consciousness, from what I’m reading at the moment, from the movie I saw last night. I’m not an artist that reworks over and over the same subject. The constant in my work is the concern for the questions raised by Painting. My interest lies on the crossovers between figuration and abstraction. The interzone in between, exploring its limits. I paint for those who acknowledge my filiations, but also for those who don’t. I work with fragments I cut out. I take them from reality, from ideas, photographs, dreams and hallucinations. They turn in as a figurative anchorage that then dissolves and distorts, sometimes into total abstraction. I believe that the ambiguous is truer than the certain. The thickness gains shape. Primordial assumptions are transfigured. From here the essence emerges. In this ferocious struggle I plunge off and return until I reach a fertile ground in which that original cut out, after it’s odyssey, repositions, anchors and materializes new intruder fragments that resignify their origin. Maria Ferrari Hardoy, February 2014

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