Marzena Jagiello

Marzena Jagiello

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  Artist: Marzena Jagiello
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Marzena Jagiello Artist Bio:

Since my childhood, I have been fascinated by all-encompassing force of life. I probably do not separate my creative work from the creative act of everyday life. I live and work in Krakow but my artworks since my studies have been presented primarily abroad, mainly in Germany, Holland, England, France, USA and Israel. The feature that distinguishes me from other artists could only be this what causes each person to be different. The author whose poetry and personality have been fascinating me for years is the biblical King David. My passion is exploring the source of his inspiration. The subject of my paintings is primarily a human being - a moment of life in which one exists. I do not support any ideology or philosophical system but in the hard facts of everyday life I search for "great thoughts". In 2011 I started working on the series entitled "Hermeneutics of the daily bread". This is my attempt to ask questions concerning the art of understanding one's "own" life based on the spoken or written word, an attempt to express the experience of our time and my struggle with a form of personal reflection.

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