Mathieu Bernard-Martin

Mathieu Bernard-Martin

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  Artist: Mathieu Bernard-Martin
 Live in: Paris, Ile-de-France, France
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Mathieu Bernard-Martin Artist Bio:

If Art has to be the only true form of truth and honesty, then painting is a conversation, a more or less disguised fight. Through the creative process, there’s no other way but to be honest with yourself and the artwork that is being created. Being humble is essential. The creative process is stronger than the painter. The painting itself is ruled by truths that we can’t apprehend. There’s something above that dictates its needs too. The format and the medium do not matter. They vary depending on the intention, because each feeling requires a certain expression. Just like the same colour can mean an infinite number of things, one character exists on different levels and one painting can reveal several dimensions. There’s no right or wrong intepretations of my work. It’s ok not to understand. No one needs to understand. The “why” doesn’t matter. Art should be related to a moment out of time. When everything stands still. It’s every painter’s mission to remind people that Art is something we can’t completely grasp. I don’t plan on defining anything. I don’t expect no specific reaction. Intimacy is the goal, the subject and the language. The move is the key.

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