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Maz Mahjoobi

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  Artist: Maz Mahjoobi
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Photography, for me, is a form of meditation. It is an opportunity to lose myself in Existence and the moment. And I believe that the resulting images speak for themselves. My specialty is abstract, surreal & landscape photography. Also, being a graphic designer and a songwriter/musician, I find that my photography is inspired by these various forms of creativity, intermingling and flowing into each other, producing a playful synergy that inspires me to even further expression. My photography reflects years of focus on graphic design work, as I tend to see the two-dimensional qualities of the subject, a kind of flat design versus a three-dimensional representation. I try not to just simply reproduce what is there, but to transform it into my own vision and interpretation of what is being viewed. I believe that the potential for an amazing image lies in even the simplest and most mundane things in life, the objects and places all around us. So we don’t have to venture to the farthest reaches of the earth in order to see beauty when it is right here where we are in the moment! All of my abstract & surreal photography techniques are done in-camera, while shooting, using manual techniques. I enjoy transforming nature into new forms of imagery, often abstract, using a camera and other objects. I use a variety of techniques including long exposure & camera motion where the scene becomes the brush that paints light across the camera sensor. I try to keep post-processing to the basics, mostly only making adjustments to color, brightness, contrast and cropping. ******* If you are interested in open edition prints in a particular size please contact me through my website:

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