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Michaela Konrad

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  Artist: Michaela Konrad
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Michaela Konrad Artist Bio:

Michaela Konrad was born in Graz, Austria. she works on her comicArt serials SPACELOVE and and on her serial HOMAGE TO PICASSO since 2003 COMIC merges with FINE ARTS in Michaela Konrad's art. SPACELOVE can be interpreted as a surrealistic, non-narrative comic art serial in best science fiction tradition, full of paraphrases of art history. Spacelove's protagonist is the mysterious blond and geen-eyed cosmonaut Olga, who is searching for answers to the big questions of humanity all on her own. Science - especially the quantum theory and cosmology - as well as philosophy and metaphysical considerations are very important sources of inspiration for Spacelove's motifs and especially for its texts. Spacelove's colour palette ranges from bold and vibrant to pastel shaded colours (applied with strong contrasts), generating different atmospheres for the different episodes. The artist's working techniques include pencil and ink drawing, digital intervention regarding composition and colouring, as well as oil-paintings. Generally all different techniques are applied in order to accomplish one piece of art. Because of its intermedial character, Spacelove has been published in comic books and also been shown in fine art exhibitions. The first presentation of a limited edition of Spacelove comic art books took place in a small Viennese art gallery called "žSimon Arts and Crafts" in 2004. Since then many solo and group exhibitions have followed. When Spacelove's solo show "Comic Impacts Art" was presented in the art museum in Temeswar in October 2008, the Romanian musician and multimedia artist Daniel Dorobantu was invited to enrich the exhibition with a Live performance and music installation called Spacelove. 2010 SPACELOVE becomes a multimedia project with the name MEMORIES OF NOW, a collaboration of Michaela Konrad and the Romanian multimedia artist Daniel Dorobantu. It is permanently shown in the Deep Space of the ARS ELECTRONICA CENTER in Linz (Austria) since march 2011. The DEEP SPACE is Europe's most modern platform for presenting multimedia art in really large dimension (16m x 9m, wall and floor in high definition). So MEMORIES OF NOW became Europe's biggest comic strip. www.spacelove.at michaelakonrad.blogspot.com

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