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Min Zou: Contemporary artist. Chinese. Received MA degree in 2008. Received Bsc degree in 2004. Studied in Europe and China both. An Artistic adviser of the China International Philatelic Network. Signed artist by Nanjing broad cultural Investment Co. Ltd. Artworks were collected by some arts organizations, some Museums of Fine Arts and collectors from domestic and abroad widely. My artistic creation ideas of the present stage are from my true feelings...my thoughts, my feelings, my knowledge, and my wisdom... As an artist, I have a Bachelor degree in engineering, and a Master degree in art. I like the abstract theoretical thinking. My works generally come from the accumulation of my knowledge, the love of nature, the love of Natural Science, the exploration of Humanities and Social Science, and the philosophical insights. So, it can be said: Most of my inspiration comes from my thoughts and thinking. With the growth of my art works, my art works have experienced the changes of history, cultural integration, and the exchange of Chinese and foreign culture. The current art is very colorful, and the diversity of art can expand people's thinking, and no longer binds off their own thoughts , and people can look at the world in the multi-dimensional ideas, so that people can be of more inclusive in this world and can be of more innovative, then promote the social progress. I think we should look at this world in a multi-dimensional thinking, just as the multi-dimensional nature of the universe, but I think we should pursue the truth, the goodness, and the beauty. Inside me, I like those simple, natural, and sincere things. So my works are always full of truth, goodness, beauty, and the love of nature. Art is to improve and purify the hearts and souls. The core value of art is to promote the progress of human society... In order to create new artworks, I went to Xinjiang, Tibet, Gansu, Qinghai, Hainan, and so on. Meanwhile, I sublimate the viewpoint of art. Now, I appear to be doing art, in fact, it is the sublimation of thought, the realm of life, and the realm of thought. In 2012, oil painting works were selected into the Artbarcs global project which Lucy Liu ladies and Mr Rosenzweig jointly established . In 2012, the oil painting works were selected into Limited Edition Stamp Issue activities of the Chenlong year in Japan , and the oil painting "Garden of Hope" was collected by the Japanese Post Office. In 2012, the oil painting works were selected into the 2013 calendar of the painting and Calligraphy Association of China, the desk calendar and Yearbook of artxun.com. In 2013, Oil paintings were selected for "China Innovation think tank"by the Chinese Association of Culture and information, "Hebei contemporary Painting and Calligraphy", "Leadership Journey", the Yearbook of artxun.com, "artistic horizons", 'leisure tourism' In 2013, the Artworks of oil paintings are in cooperation with International Exchange Center of Chinese Painting and calligraphy. In 2013, oil paintings were selected into the cooperation projects of www.Artbarcs.com and www.Amazon.com In 2013, oil paintings won the Excellence Award of the first Pangu art network contest of calligraphy and painting of China dream. In 2014, A-plan contract partner of Art Museum of Songzhuang. In 2014, To put one's heart and soul into serving the people -- the national industry model character, the outstanding art exhibition of painting and calligraphy, and the fellowship P E N". In 2014, signed artist by Nanjing broad cultural Investment Co. Ltd. In 2015, signed a cooperation agreement with"SURGE Art” art

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