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Have you tried differentiating contemporary and modern art paintings? Since according to some these two are the same. But in reality, this two are not similar. Since there is an aesthetic and conceptual difference between these two artworks. But regardless of their differences, these two paintings are both beautiful and meaningful. But in this content, we are going to focus on modern artworks.

What are Modern Painting and its importance?

Modern paintings embrace artworks produced during 1860’s to 1970’s. This artwork shows different traditions of the previous years. The modern artist paintings today are experimented using new and fresh ideas. Ideas that is all about roles of art and nature.

Nowadays, modern art or paintings embrace a remarkable variety of techniques, movements, and styles. Most importantly, modern artists had different ways and techniques in expressing their feelings.

A big and vibrant painting can beautify reception area, bedroom, living room and other places. Several modern paintings for sale are very popular for their thought and provoking nature.  Actually, many people buy modern paintings and value them because it can attract office clients and guests. These paintings allow them to discover new perspectives, although some stir the feelings. Aside from being beautiful, it can be a good investment that offers great value.

Different Styles of Modern Paintings

  • Surrealism. A modern painting style, which contrasts various images and offers an amazing effect. Also, the imageries are often inconsistent.
  • Photorealism. As its name implies, this painting style looks like a real photograph. Since artists are capturing photographs and paint it on canvas.
  • Minimalism. The subject of a minimalist painting is the essence. Compared to abstract paintings, minimalism artist only paints what they believe.
  • Futurism. The main focus or subject of this painting style are violence, speed, technology and other happenings may occur in future. In short, futurism artists visualize what might happen in the following years.
  • Impressionism. It is categorized by skinny brush strokes and emphasizes the illustration of light. Moreover, painters who use impressionism painting style does not follow painting rules.

Tips on how to choose the best modern art paintings

When you are planning to buy a painting for your house or office you need to think carefully. Here are the proven tips that you might use when choosing modern paintings.

  • Purchase what you really want.
  • Do not match your chosen artworks into your room.
  • Search online for different and several modern art paintings
  • Choose artworks that were created by your favorite artists.

Where can you buy Modern Paintings?

Look around and you can see a modern artwork for sale. You can buy from art galleries or online store. Yes, you can buy modern paintings online. When you search modern artwork for sale on the internet, you can see many artworks online stores. These online stores offer original modern paintings at very affordable price and made by famous artists. But when buying through online, make sure that you are dealing with legal dealers.

You can also visit several art galleries. Especially if you want to see the original painting. And if you uncomfortable and hesitant with online stores.