Monika Mysiak

Monika Mysiak

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  Artist: Monika Mysiak
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Monika Mysiak Artist Bio:

Born in 1986 in Sosnowiec. In 2012 graduated (with honours) in painting from the Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice, diploma in Prof. Jacek RykaÅ‚a's studio, annexe in Prof. A. Kowalski's drawing studio. Two years earlier, in 2010, she graduated in Computer Science and Econometrics from Katowice's University of Economics. She currently lives and works in Chorzów. The main "character" in Monika Mysiak's cycle she has been working on for the last two years is her mother's lingerie and linen found on the bottom shelf of a wardrobe while moving house: old petticoats, handkerchiefs, napkins. "White and richly embroidered, they were lying there, forgotten but neatly folded, taken out rarely and carefully like reliquaries, just to be touched, smelled and remembered", writes Monika Mysiak. Such a set was traditionally part of a bride's dowry prepared for their daughters by thrifty mothers, often handing over elements of unused linen from generation to generation. This custom was especially popular in Silesia, where the artist comes from. Preparing a young woman for her future role was also connected with delineating her sexuality, which had to fit a set of desired characteristics of a faithful wife and patient mother. Monika Mysiak arranges the authentic fabrics in rolls and shapes referring in a subtle way to the feminine body. She creates the compositions by means of oil on canvas, drawing on paper or in graphic form, achieving mastery and perfection in all these techniques. Her monochromatic pictures are charged with eroticism filtered through the author's temperament.

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