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Myriam O

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  Artist: Myriam O
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Myriam O Artist Bio:

Myriam O is a Chile born multi talented artist, professional oil painter and performer. Her fondest childhood memories are those of attending the opera and turning the pages of art and museum books. She is a passionate interpreter of jazz standards and Latin songs, then, painting was somewhat on hold, however greatly missed for in painting she finds a much-sought world of silence. Thus, she decided to devote herself equally to both disciplines, a decision she has never regretted for her artistic life became fuller and brought her recognition beyond Chilean borders. Her paintings are in private collections in Chile and Denmark and have been exhibited in two biennials, in Buenos Aires Argentina in 2014 and lately in Malta, as a participant artist and performer in The Mdina Cathedral Contemporary Art Biennale. Also in Malta, and invited by CARAVAN —non profit organization focused in peace building through the Arts between the creeds and cultures of the East and West— she participated in the exhibition "Mediterranean Peace Donkey". Last year, she was welcomed into Raven Art Society gallery in London UK, for the Christmas season exhibition. She remains an active artist in her country, taking part in selected collective exhibitions every year. Her paintings have been described as perfume and inner silence landscapes. “I am a sentimental artist; my creative process travel through my emotions and my believing in the idea that just as sounds have colour, colours have sound. I like to think I stand near abstract impressionism, being my main focus on bright and shadowy sky views and atmospheres, a theme that has been described as "inner silence landscapes". Occasionally, trees appear in my artwork only to emphasize how lonely life can be. When painting, blending what I see, how I feel and what I want is mostly a spiritual experience, a constant prayer in solitude, lovingly and joyfully done. I feel painting is a journey through the longings of the heart and the windmills of the mind, just as life itself. Oil remains my preferred medium; it is romantic, melancholic and infinite”. “Working on a new canvas feels like facing a mysterious path which can be unveiled only stroke after stroke, and I feel equally enthusiastic regardless its size or format. Being an artist is my way of life”.

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