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Newel Hunter

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  Artist: Newel Hunter
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"Newel Hunter’s monochrome paintings have been all about gesture for some time. His swirls, drips and bleeds of fluid black acrylic whirl like dervishes against the blank page. Yet, while the artist’s gestures stand only for themselves, his collaboration with the laws of chance results in ambiguous fields of positive and negative space that invite interpretation like the blots of a Rorschach test.” -- Jake Seniuk, Former Executive Director, Port Angeles Fine Arts Center I paint almost exclusively in acrylic on a variety of surfaces, employing a selection of non-traditional painting tools – many of which I make myself – to achieve tone, texture, scale, substance … and surprise. My technique is primarily spontaneous – where action painting merges with the disciplines of calligraphy and good storytelling to create art that is contemplative, contemporary and compelling. This process becomes a play between control over materials and an open and permissive attitude toward technique, allowing the image to emerge as it will. Chance plays an important part in shaping the final product. Each piece evolves as though it were a conversation between old friends... sometimes lighthearted and joyful, sometimes contentious and troubling. In the end – for me – it’s all about painting “in the moment,” delighting in the physical and letting it be. Just that simple … and complex. I'm honored to have my art represented in collections within and outside the U.S. I've exhibited extensively in regional and national juried shows, including “Art by America, A National Review of Two-Dimensional Contemporary Art” in Chicago and "Controlling Chaos: Aleatoric Art in the Twenty First Century" in Ft Myers, Florida. For a complete CV, please visit my website. Website:

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