Night & (Nap) Drawings N°140 – Yvon? – made eyes closed by Pascale Baud

Night & (Nap) Drawings N°140 - Yvon? - made eyes closed

Night & (Nap) Drawings N°140 - Yvon? - made eyes closed by Pascale Baud

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Drawing: Ballpoint Pen on Paper.
Size: 7.9 H x 7.9 W x 0 in
Large series with more than 250 drawings. Here is the 4th series only line drawing on 70g/m2 sketch paper. ----- The first series or testing is performed with closed eyes just before falling asleep. I often draw body parts and objects that I have in mind. The next day I discovered the lines drawn. Space is often chaotic and requires intervention to organize all traces of the night. I chose colored markers to surround, define new spaces and create a composition. - The first series on Dorée Paper 170g/m2 with pen Staedtler 0.2 (night) + markers (day) = 57 drawings - 2nd series on Canson paper (sometimes with incomplete drawings at back) painted black gouache with pencil white (for the night) + 5 maximum color pencils (for the day) = 20 drawings - 3rd series: on white Canson C Grain 160g/m2 with pen Staedtler 0.2 (night) + markers for the day (colors still "functional": pink, brown, green, red, orange, yellow - other colors are no longer or hardly used) - - Fifth series: back in July 2013 on the Sketch Paper 70g/m2 with pen Staedtler 0.1 (for the night) + pink, mostly yellow (for the day). This fourth series is completed with drawings made during the hottest hours of the summer. I draw only "portraits". Unlike other drawings of this series, I searched for a less controlled more free drawing, "I let go of the hand". With the result color doesn't seem useful to me.
Keywords: Surrealist Drawing, line drawing, night and nap drawings, expressionist drawing, figurative drawing, expression, expressionism, portrait drawing, figure, dessins de nuit, made with eyes closed, fait les yeux fermés