Nomad in the Wilderness by Hyunwook Ryu

Nomad in the Wilderness

Nomad in the Wilderness by Hyunwook Ryu

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Drawing: acrylic, airbrush and spray paint on Paper.
Size: 29.9 H x 22.8 W x 0 in
Each airbrush drawing has a source image. Some of which has a quality of ‘sublime’ such as by containing traditional religious iconography, or as in the picture of Van Gough’s , and some that are denotative image as seen in clouds, raging waves, and nuclear clouds in an atomic explosion, but others are introspective one of wind, flows in my mind. By the effects of drawing with the light material, airbrush, I would intend to place the source image underlying sublime beauty with dignity on to the surface with fluffy drifting material like airbrush creating very thin layer. On the top traditional brush painting is applied, and when it come to image, which is based on my personal stories, ‘all the images’ available around world become a reference. For me life is to be a data file, and painting always hovers around life. Selected images are crashed and ripped out by the force of airbrush drawing. The lightness and the heaviness will fight and hurt, steadily try to reshape and transform each other, and eventually reside within it.
Keywords: action, prophet, wilderness, graffiti, nomad