NUDE 3870 (from the series “ready maiden”) 100×70 cm by Michael Lentz

NUDE 3870 (from the series "ready maiden") 100x70 cm

NUDE 3870 (from the series "ready maiden") 100x70 cm by Michael Lentz

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Drawing: Ink on Paper.
Size: 39.4 H x 27.6 W x 0.4 in
black ink monotype and color drawing on 110g flyleaf paper, one of a kind, not framed, signed, sent safely protected in a double tube. As you may have noted, I am neither a cool exotic person (Afghan, Syrian, Ukrainian, etc.) nor a member of the "persecuted minority" of women. I am not even especially young. So my art is actually the one 150% absconded by contemporary art establishment and and contemporary cultural makers: they despise my drawings as the art of a "white" "old" "short minded" "heterosexist" "European". By that: no galleries for me, no publications, no curators. In other words, my art is the art of a true "artiste maudit". Buying it, you will buy FUTURE. But be aware that DHL shipping will cost you more than the artwork. You may therefore be tempted to make me a saatchi-"offer" exactly corresponding to the shipping costs so that it will be me paying your shipping. But be aware that 100$ is the lowest price admitted by saatchi. rolled in a tube
Keywords: black, sex, woman, schiele, drawing, erotic, ink, love, nude