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Oil paintings did not accomplish a widespread usage and prominence. But when it reached in Europe, European artists started to use oil as their medium. And finally, oil painting became popular in Europe and in other countries. It became popular and appealing because of its bright and vibrant colors.

However, making an oil painting is very easy and adaptive according to some. Especially when you consider oil paintings by artist as your inspiration. So if you want to create your own original oil paintings then read this tips written below.

Tips for Oil Painting

  • Close your one eye, if you like to see flat shapes.
  • Stick to a narrow palette
  • Buy paint brush with firm bristles
  • If you are going to paint on canvas especially the bigger one, use flat brushes
  • When painting, always organized your painting palette.
  • Mix more paints, especially when you are going to paint large space on your canvas.
  • Make your own color charts
  • Just stay calm and relax when performing an oil painting.
  • In making your final judgments, you need to stay away from your artwork.  

But if you want to learn more tips and ideas you can visit several oil painting galleries. You can see several beautiful and colorful oil paintings made by famous artists.

Moreover, there are some who want to paint but they don’t have time and sense of art. Fortunately, these people don’t have to worry. Since they are allowed and free to buy oil paintings made by expert and famous artists. And probably you are now thinking where to buy and the cost of these paintings. Here is the answer to your question.

Where can you buy oil paintings?

Several oil paintings for sale is everywhere. But make sure to deal with an authorized dealer. When buying a painting, you need to search or look for an artwork that fits your budget first. Why? Because oil paintings prices may vary upon their size, style, and medium used. Some are very expensive while others are cheap. Sometimes, the person behind these beautiful artworks also affects their prices.

Before, you can only see original oil paintings for sale in art or oil painting galleries. But these days, you can now buy oil paintings online. However, many are asking this question. “What is the difference between buying artworks from art galleries and online store?” Actually, there are several differences. Buying artworks from art galleries requires more time. But if you want to see the actual masterpiece no one prevents you from going.

Online stores are for people don’t want to consume more time in searching the best artworks. Just like art galleries, you can still see several artworks made by popular artists. Yet, you need to be careful when purchasing artworks through online. Since there are few online stores who give fake artworks just to earn money.

That is why doing a quick research about a certain dealer is important.