Ovus Polystyrensis by Sasha Meret

Ovus Polystyrensis

Ovus Polystyrensis by Sasha Meret

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Sculpture: Plastic on Plastic.
Size: 20 H x 16 W x 16 in
Free lunch for the eye Immanuel Kant was born in the Prussian city of Königsberg in 1724 and had ten siblings, but even before that arts were split into plastic and elastic. Sasha Meret is splitting the talk and walking the split: he conveys the entanglements of the elastic and the plastic through the shining of improbable honeycombs. Even if Gotham City froze over and all plastic spoons were left to never rot, and to no eye to see, Sasha would still trick the eye into glancing at their mortality. His spoongious arrangements of white, cheap, and many plastic spoons snatch immortality from the blind spot of usefulness. He could have done it with post stamps or pins, with banana peels or stolen stem cells, he is a virtuoso after all; but this time he hasn't. Here he is performing the convexing art of showing the bones’ flesh, that art that lets it be known that there are concavities inside every-thing and that the stars are made of feathers. The Saurian monstrosity of the hands which pinch the Harpies' harps, the fatsy umberella forever upside-down, drops of white blood clogged as a ha-ha-heart, the wings that wax imagination, the guitar akwardizing between two bars, and mostly, the yet again perfect egg – all these are, like the August mermaid, cold aphrodisiacs. Ignite tonight! Călin Mihăilescu April 2010
Keywords: polystyrene, spoons, conceptual, egg, plasti