Paulina R Vårregn

Paulina R Vårregn

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  Artist: Paulina R Vårregn
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Paulina R. Vårregn, wild woman, artist & traveller -Original paintings & linocut prints | New Geometry art | Dreamy Landscapes | Mystic Folk art | Contemporary European art- “We travel because we need to, because the distance and difference are the sacred tonic to creativity”. (Jonah Leher) My name is Paulina R. Vårregn, european artist, painter and printmaker I’ ve been traveling since 2013 and I’ ve lived in several places in Europe (Belgium, Tenerife, Crete) currently living in Sao Miguel, Azores I have a passion for travelling, studying zen philosophy, healthy lifestyle, martial arts and beautiful details which surround us. The main focus in my artwork is creating of inner dialoque with the enviroment, which is subsequently projected into my personal visions about strange dreamy landscapes and imaginary worlds. Traveling is big part of me and also the best inspiration .

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