People by Seunghwui Koo


People by Seunghwui Koo

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Sculpture: Clay and Ceramic on Wood.
Size: 48 H x 48 W x 4 in
"People" is comprised of 12,000 handmade pigs. The work has many different topographical features and is visually striking. Each pig figurine measures 0.5" x 1" x 0.5". All of the pigs are made out of Terra-Cotta, while some of them are painted with acrylic. Each pig is handmade, a mold was not used because it is a meditative practice of hand-building in which I create imagery and objects in mass that speak to both our uniqueness and anonymity. The frame is ready to hang on a wall. Wall Sculpture. My works may come across as having a deep and critical tone with regards to the subject matter. However, rather than being seen as a condemnation, I hope that forgiveness and inspired thought can be realized by the viewer. My hope is to provide solace to those that need it from their tiring and difficult lives through my works. I hope my works brighten and instill joy to my audience.
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