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Peter C Brandt

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  Artist: Peter C Brandt
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Peter C Brandt Artist Bio:

Born 1947 Hamburg Germany. As of age 5, I grew up in Montreal Canada, and now lived in Manhattan for 31 years, as a commercial photographer. I moved to Woodstock on an art sabatical at the end of 2008 and back to Manhattan in 2012. At age 19, I started in architectural photography, then a spree of 35 years in fashion and advertising photography. Now I'm back into architectural, and doing architectural fine art. One day I wondered “what if”. I considered and dared about painting some part of my architectural photographs. I hadn’t seen anyone do such a thing. What was the message of the idea? By a distortion of the reality, our eyes will need to stop to have a thorough look. Will we notice what is there without unusual color painted on it? Does not this force us to examine what architecture is there in a built reality, even a very common one from our decades ago? Did we ever notice the texture of the buildings, the shape of the of the graphics, the curves of curvilinear architecture? An unusual detail draws our attention and makes everything look different. My Painted Architecture high-lights this idea.

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