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I am interested in and practice many forms of Art including illustration, Printmaking, Painting and Photography. The work shown here is from a set of recent Abstract paintings inspired by a road trip around the West coast, Mexican border and certain Southern states of America. Around this time I was becoming increasingly more interested in painting that felt rooted in early Abstract Expressionism and discovered the work of Richard Diebenkorn. I was completely inspired by his loose, stylistic painting style and especially drawn to the more Abstract experiments of his New Mexico series. Whilst feeling expressive in nature these paintings are also an effortlessly controlled layering of symbols and gestures relating to elements of the New Mexico Landscape. Travelling through this barren State gave me a real insight into the language that Diebenkorn developed in his mark making and I immediately set to work trying to describe my own surroundings on returning home for a stay in North Wales. My own collection of paintings here are a mixture, part admiration for a certain school or approach to painting and part emotive response to the Island landscape in which I grew up. They attempt to show to the changeable weather of this area and the effect it has on the physical characteristics of the land.

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