Rafal Tomasz Urbaniak

Rafal Tomasz Urbaniak

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  Artist: Rafal Tomasz Urbaniak
 Live in: Sieradz, Łódź, Poland
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Rafal Tomasz Urbaniak Artist Bio:

Rafal Tomasz Urbaniak Artist in travel. His spiritual trip, which sets the topics of his observations and choices and the real: professional and territorial. For 8 years he had worked in musical theater Capitol in Wroclaw, as a ballet dancer. As artistically grown performer he has changed his artistic profession to initiatory artist in painting spaces. A graduate of the faculty of painting at the Academy of Fine Arts of Eugene Geppert in Wroclaw (year 2012). For Rafal T. Urbaniak "beauty" is a purely personal challenge. The artist, with the help of material means, introduces elusive, momentary impressions, free from dogmas and allows the recipient to initiate any interpretation. With his creative activity he is opened to changes and diversity of expression in the treatment of (bothering him at the moment) the themes, oscillating between realistic and abstract painting. The artist has professional sense of composition and movement in painting and graphics in whose often dominate color. Because for many years in his life dance ruled supreme role, sculpture also is close to the center of his interests and creative activities. www.rtu_artist.iportfolio.pl

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