Randal Arvilla

Randal Arvilla

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  Artist: Randal Arvilla
 Live in: Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
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Randal Arvilla Artist Bio:

Costa Rican born, Sydney-based artist Randal ARVILLA, works in encaustics, oil and acrylic painting. His works examine fragility of nature, his search for his cultural identity and inner healing. Arvilla’s imagery carries a sense of displacement or re-placement as a global traveller and resident in a new land. Through addition, subtraction, intuitive mark-making, lines, textures, typography, colour intensity and movement, Arvilla creates an energetic oeuvre with abstract and expressive influences. Arvilla borrows images and stimuli from moments that catch his eye, industrial grid patterns, landscape, historical accounts, typography, letter & number punch sets, creating narratives, yet not literal ones. His colour intensity, use of materials, gesture and intuitive style present in these works depict influences of Costa Rican, Australian and Western Art. Randal Arvilla’s works suggest impressions, emotions, places, familiar situations, memories, trips that he has made worldwide and are a continuous research where one series leads to another.

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