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Raul Percic

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  Artist: Raul Percic
 Live in: Rijeka, Primorsko-goranska županija, Croatia
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Raul Percic Artist Bio:

Raul Percic reached his artistic maturity in the early 80s, under the influence of "New Image Painting" movement. In his initial painting phase, he created a series of abstract works in an expressive manner, carried by the powerful urge to express his inner state in an uncontrollable gesture.                                                                                                   In his 2nd phase, that followed after a nearly 20-year-long abstinence from painting, the artist embraces a completely new approach. His recent works showcase carefully built elements of form, that create a strictly geometrically structured filed of painting. Carefully balanced elements of composition create a vibrating filed that with its hypnotic power provokes changeable optic pictures with highlighted spacial relations. These paintings build upon the heritage of artistic group EXAT 51, and modern Op Art and New Tendencies movements.

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