Reclining minotaur, 2011 by benjamin parker

Reclining minotaur, 2011

Reclining minotaur, 2011 by benjamin parker

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Drawing: Graphite and Ink on Paper.
Size: 11.7 H x 8.3 W x 0.2 in
This piece is taken from a series of sketches entitled 'An Andalucian minotaur', made whilst in observance of the festivals and feiras of Andalucia, Spain. The simple form references the primitive, natural deitification, temporal reverence, and forgotten idolatries. At the same time, the pose is a tribute to iconic reclining figures of 'enlightened' classical art, a symbol of man's effort to distance himself from nature. The semi-engagement of the subject-matter and apparent grandiosity of form serve to create distance from the observer, while the tranquillity and peaceful arrogance betray the fact that this image depicts a spent protagonist being dragged through the sand, from the arena, after having been sacrificed during a 'corrida' (bullfight).
Keywords: spain, bull, bullfight, reclining figure, andalucia, Minotaur, man, nature
Very good work..original.
I like the primitive inspiration. I also like the contradictions in the work.
Hi, I voted for you! I really like your drawing! Good luck in the competition! I'm also in the showdown, IF you like my work you can vote me back!
I like this!
Like your work! Have voted for it. Thanks for pleasure.
Impressed & voted!
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