“Reflection…” – Limited edition of 20 by Peter Allert

"Reflection..." - Limited edition of 20

"Reflection..." - Limited edition of 20 by Peter Allert

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Photography: Black & White on Paper.
Size: 15.7 H x 15.7 W x 0.4 in
"Lost words, unspoken and forgotten! But they are still reflecting into our souls...The parts of the mystery of our own existence" The ashes of more than 7 million deaths from the crematoria of the Nazis rise to me every day again as a vapor of destruction in my lungs ... and I cry and beseech for forgiveness before Jesus! I was not there ... was not yet born, but my own soul rebelled in terms of the things that happen in my country right now ... I am powerless, angry and completely without any form of comprehension or understanding ... I think all artists should have a duty to leave a unmistakable CRY ... an cry that is so glaring and bright, like never before... PRINTS & Sizes: One print $650 as "limited edition" of 20 prints in SIZE of 40x40cm! Also available on the long side in size from 40cm to 100cm - all works are be signed and labeled with date and corresponding edition number. Printed on "Hahnemühle German Etching" 310g museum quality fine art-paper! --- IMPORTANT! In an elaborate print Examination I have tested all the top-class fine art papers and the best pigment inks (with archive Guarantee) with a selection of my best work ... The factors such as the depth of the printing, the implementation of the subtle nuances of my work and the overall impression of the printing in relation to the most special and pastel shades were the focus of my test. Added to this was the wonderful fine but pronounced structure of handmade paper. If you are holding such a print of my work in your hands, then you will immediately understand what I mean ... To see my pictures in this way, touched me again and again very emotional!. “Hahnemühle German Etching "310g fine art paper has been made exactly for my kind of photography ... --- Since 2012 Peter Allert's photography actually is artistic. His works now are altogether advanced elaborations. His technique in photography in general, which he has developed and further developed: For the art part, his technique of creation is quite complex : He takes its motives under different types of exhibitions with lighting (DEDO Lights) that he fix for each angle and adds various configurations and he is working with multiple exposures and long exposure. He loves the available light, which he usually only supplemented, but not infrequently used as the main light. Peter Allert’s technical photograph is very studied, mixture of poetry and expression of the soul of the human, the light, the colors, the angle of view, the game blur, and the (extended) exposure time, all are working together to bring out the emotions. Choosing special film materials for exposing how Polagraph and Polachrome (POLAROID), but other otherwise rarely used ‘BLACK & WHITE’ films, give its Analogue Photography a touch of haunting and unforgotten… which leaves its traces in the soul of the viewer! --- "This work shall be a sign against all violence toward women, everywhere around us! It must be reality that all women receive the same rights like men and so it's intolerable to see, which iniquity happens to females in every country of our planet." --- Rolleiflex 6008 (6X6), ZEISS Macro Planar 120mm. Multiple exposure with different focus-points. Longer exposure time. Full ANALOG process and photography! --- © Peter Allert* 2013. All rights reserved. My pictures can’t be reproduced without my written permission.   --- All important links to my ART GALLERIES worldwide online: http://www.peterallert.de/important-links-to-my-following-art-galleries/ --- My gallery site on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Peter-Allert-Photographer/261763923944445?ref=tn_tnmn ---
Keywords: people, portrait, blur, surreal, woman, fine art, black and white , peter allert, analogue, expressive, abstract, female