Ria Kooistra

Ria Kooistra

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  Artist: Ria Kooistra
 Live in: Doetinchem, Gelderland, Netherlands
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Colorful paintings, a mixture between realism and abstract, usually females and landscapes make up the most important themes for my work. With the help of my painting class and the required self-study, I started working on my painting, following my own artistic path with several study's. My work shows off a variety of techniques, thick layers of paint and almost barren spots are found side by side on the paintings. The result usually borders between realism and the figurative, carrying a mystical expression. Several more techniques can be found on my website, including my first stripes of paint en some of my paintings. Feel free to leave feedback. I also make portraits commissioned, style in consultation. Member of the NABK. You can connect me by mail or phone 0031-619736787

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