(©)Riedstra Project Zapp Notes III by c Riedstra

(©)Riedstra Project Zapp Notes III

(©)Riedstra Project Zapp Notes III by c Riedstra

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Design: Charcoal, Chalk, Ink, Conte and Pastel on Paper, Soft (Yarn, Cotton, Framework) and Other. Zapp Notes Project 2015 – 2016 Zapp Notes refer to this luck out a fitting and time we live in. In these works I try to indicate the contrast between passion of the moment and ‘everywhere’ Zapp behaviour. The time and space where we (in the Western on cloud nine) are desperately looking for sensors, that provides our needs. The world we animate in a nutshell and you should be part of it and everything is online and everyone is plugged-in. Keywords: individual, art projects, Mixed Media, fine art, Art sales, conceptual,...

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