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Rita H Klaucke

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  Artist: Rita H Klaucke
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lives and works in Amsterdam(NL) and Victoria BC(CA).Quote from text by Mebius about Klaucke: During the spring of 2006 Dutch artist Rita Klaucke made the drastic decision to abandon making installations, architectural sculptures and interventions in public space - the kind of art she had practised for more than a decade - and to concentrate henceforth solely on the intimacy of drawing, i.e. making works on paper........................Is her work figurative? Yes, occasionally, in a way. Is it non-figurative? Yes, that as well, occasionally, in a way. Yet in works in which non-figuration is dominant, there is always a suggestion of representation, always some reference to a non-artificial reality. And in works in which figuration takes the spectator by the hand, one is almost instantly lead to incomprehension and enigma - the confusion being a product mainly of the spectators own mind. Hence the scrupulous care that Klaucke bestowes on the execution of the drawings, hence the careful handling of the materials used. And hence the serious and lengthy consideration given to the arrangement of all elements in the drawing. With Klaucke a drawing is a boundary, a vertical plane, between two spaces, a mirror maybe, hung in the limitless Space of Metaphors, reflecting what we cannot, or dare not, say. No matter how elusive, Klauckes drawings are, as a matter of course, also very real and tangible. They possess a presence of an almost psychological nature: a presence as vivid memories possess, or dreams that you feel are attainable, or animals. They challenge you. And it's up to you to come up with relevant questions.

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