Robert Gheyssens

Robert Gheyssens

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  Artist: Robert Gheyssens
 Live in: ARLES, provence, France
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“What on earth are you trying to find from others ? Blind, whose head you put on a head. What is missing for you ?” Lin-Ji 9th century Through thinking that we can reach what we have dreamed about and imagined, we have been crawling on this earth for so long like a caterpillar waiting for the splendid , diaphanous flower borne within itself. It will have taken 40 years of hard work to unlearn the canvas and come back to point zero at which trust and innocence are the only guides capable of breaking down the limits of scepticism and experience. We can only approach his present-day work if, caught up in a centrifugal whirlwind by too many diaphanous memories of comforting references and comparisons, so we remain covered in droplets of water before the ocean. We are often already hemmed in by too many images, too many woven, translucent icons which limit us in a centripetal whirlwind. In order to turn around, and not keep within us what liberated colours reveal, we just need to accept the boldness of the artist who has been able to smooth them out from our memories. All the strength of the work beckons us from the other side, a world with no scale, ready to welcome us in an intense perusal, so full of colours and movement, where the canvas is painted on the flat like a pure mirror of the sky intact, sensual and joyful. No order is set out in this genesis. No more lines, not one single strong line as in a classical, conventional composition, no costume to paint man between earth and sky. References have disappeared so that an open space, overflowing with the scents of meadows and stellar freshness, can exist. On the opposite side, there is a dream which dreams of us. Dare we set aside time for contemplating to let the larva fly away from a painted bird’s beak which may, after all, rise higher than an accomplished butterfly Bruno Joseph Arles, 15 November 2012 ou il se forme aux techniques classiques. 1er Prix de Peinture à 16 ans. Expositions en Belgique et en France. Sélectionné pour la Biennale Internationale de Gravure de Yougoslavie. Crée TRASENS (peindre ensemble) avec Thomas Van Gindertael. EXPOSITIONS TRASENS : -Ferme Rose (Bruxelles) -Galerie Callebert (Roulers) -Galerie Innovation (Bruxelles) -Emission de la télévision belge de 30’ « TRASENS ». EXPOSITIONS PERSONNELLES : - Galerie Renoir (Bruxelles) - Galerie Nouvelle Europe - Galerie Apollo - La GALERIE (Paris) - Exposition Hôtel de Ville d’Aix en Provence - Exposition LE ZINZOLIN (Avignon) - Exposition GALERIE DE POCHE (Arles) EXPOSITIONS DE GROUPE : - Salon d’Art Libre (Paris) - Salon Interbenelux - Château Malou (Bruxelles) - Travaux sur papier Villeparisis - Salon de Montrouge - Grands et Jeunes d’aujourdhui (Grand Palais-Paris) - Salon des Prémontrés (Pont-a-Mousson) - Salon de Shanghai (Chine) Depuis quelques années vit et peint en Arles.

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