Rochelle W Stefanovic

Rochelle W Stefanovic

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  Artist: Rochelle W Stefanovic
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Rochelle Iris Weissman Born 1952 in Brooklyn New York. The middle child of a typical dysfunctional Jewish family. In my early childhood I learned I had to be brave. I was too tall, extremely under weight, shy and insecure. I felt socially outcast. I became quite isolated except painting with my older sister freed me. Ironicaly through my suffering came my greatest blessing. Leaving home at 18 years of age I became very sucessful as an International High Fashion Model I traveled throughout Europe, expanding my education in art. I had the fortune to visit the great Museums of Europe and view some of the worlds greastest Art in person 1980 living in Switzerland I married Milos Stefanovic a Serbian composer who greatly inspired my personal groath, and encouraged me to pursue my carrier as a professional artist, and discover a new freedom While painting I enjoy multiey sensory stimulation I dance play music and experience an excelerated level of energy, a type of uphoric state when the creativety flows, and my emotions reflect on canvas exposing myself for others to experience

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