Ruby Lindner

Ruby Lindner

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  Artist: Ruby Lindner
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Ruby Lindner Artist Bio:

Ruby grew up in the Rocky Mountains in Colorado and spent her college years and twenties in Paris and Berlin - a confluence of environments and cultures that has bred an eclectic and unique taste and personal style. Ruby's paintings give an outlet for this continually evolving inner landscape. "To look at the body of work I've put together, it's difficult to discern any continuity. Yet I see the journey that is unfolding with all its unplanned, and unfolding stages. An artistic journey like the mapping of a life's experiences, each step follows upon what came before and would not be possible, were it not for what had preceded. My painting is a journal of my inner travels as well as a monologue that I have with myself as I try to sort through the experiences that I have along the way. "Painting fills so many needs and aspirations for me that to categorize it simply as a passion or a calling would be to minimize it's purpose for me. It is a release, a fulfillment, a balm, an escape, a joy, an energizing, a therapy, an elixir, a battle, a victory, and a journey of self-discovery. Through painting, I learn so much about myself and about my understanding of the forces that work in and around me. And through my painting, I am able to share thoughts and feelings that I can't translate into words and phrases. Through my painting I've found a powerful and basic medium for communication that has given me a broader means to express my life."

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