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Sandra Shashou

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Sandra Shashou Artist Bio:

Sandra was born in Brazil in Rio de Janeiro where her passion for Art manifested itself from a very early age. Sensuality of paint drives Sandra's work. She is seeking to impose her identity as a painter and has developed a luscious and gestural painting language that is unique to her. Sandra would like the viewer to engage with her instinctive use of colour and enjoy the contrast of her painting techniques. There is a constant dialogue and tension between abstraction and realism in the paintings and the merging of the two is often very excitingCONTEMPORARY PORTRAITS in oils, based on photographs taken by the artist capturing likeness and spirit; combined with a luscious painting language and extraordinary use of colour which are unique to Sandra.ABSTRACT PAINTINGS with intuitive and varied mark making. There is a subjectivity in the paint handling and compositional thinking that will mesmerise you. The paintings are intensely conscious of the present moment disassociating from the mind and compulsive thinking. There are references to the past and illusions of the future; however one is unconsciously brought back to the moment with the substantial weight of the paint.Sandra likes to explore the human head, as for her it is the most engaging subject with an aesthetic and emotional content. The face is a starting point, a strong image with a persistent presence which can be obliterated it and still holds on to its likeness. She pushes the figurative element close to abstraction testing how far she can fragment, destroy and simplify. On one hand building up something on the other hand undermining it.Using the painting language of destruction, aggressive handling of materials, sticking pieces of canvas, mark making and gestural brush strokes as metaphors to show that at one point or other, we have been touched by life, and that the physical violation to the canvas conveys the experiences that make us, and form us. Tony Bevan and Chuck Close have been a great source of reference to the portrait work.

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