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find a complete portfollio,cv and info on or email [email protected] Comparing preconceived ideas and distorted self image with detailed analytical documentation, this exhibition presents its various subjects in intimate detail and questions the way people present themselves and perceive others. Many and varied forms of disguise traditionally used to allure and accentuate or camouflage and hide have been experimented with and exaggerated in the artist work, while permanent body art is treated with the same individuality and scrutiny as the features of each face. Projected images casting dappled light on flesh, face paints and glitter bleeding in to pores and wrinkles, piercings and tattoos are all decorative, incidental details though they act as a means of self expression and openness in each subject. Features commonly regarded as artificial or unnatural are used as a means of sincere self expression which may not have been possible otherwise. Less a celebration of superficiality - more a record of voyeuristic empathy.

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