Sentence n. 15 – SOLD by Federico Cortese

Sentence n. 15 - SOLD

Sentence n. 15 - SOLD by Federico Cortese

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Drawing: Pen and Ink and Ink on Paper.
Size: 7.9 H x 7.9 W x 0 in
from the series "Alphabet" - china Ink and colored ink on paper; 2001. A barcode is the graphical representation of a series of numbers. What does creates the aesthetics of a bar code? It comes from lines, their thickness, the spacing.We can think of it as a language with its compositional rules, its grammar and its syntax. I imagined to isolate these rules, separating them from the original purpose for which they were created, and I tried to change them gradually to invent a new language and perhaps new meanings.
Keywords: grammar, sentence, shapes, china ink, code, alphabet, barcode, abstract, ink, language, lines
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