Sergey Skachkov

Sergey Skachkov

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  Artist: Sergey Skachkov
 Live in: Химки, Московсая обл., Russia
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Sergey Gennadyevich Skachkov Artist - painting, watercolor, painting Member of the Creative Union of artists of Russia Member Of The International Art Fund Member Of The International Federation Of Artists Watercolor. Born may 9, 1959 in the city of Belaya Kalitva, Rostov region. In 1974 he studied in the Studio of painting Folk Art House in Ramenskoye in the Studio of Honoured artist of Russia V. I. Panteleev He studied at the Academy of Arts named Repin in St. Petersburg 1980 -1986 Painting and Iconography in GIML. Engaged in the restoration of monumental painting in Antioch Podvorie of the Church of the Martyr Theodore Stratelates, Telegraph lane, Moscow. Worked in the city of Stockholm ( Sweden) at the invitation of the Swedish gallery class painting and painting 1988-1992 He held his solo exhibition in Stockholm, "the Russian icon" and new Delhi ( India) He studied the classical technique of watercolors. Permanent participant of art exhibitions in Moscow and the Moscow region. Every year holds a solo exhibition of new paintings. Many of the paintings and icons were purchased by private collectors , commercial firms and government agencies. Has the diplomas of the participant of exhibitions.

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