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Sofie Siegmann

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Sofie Siegmann Artist Bio:

Sofie Siegmann was born in Munich, Germany, lived there for a couple of years, lived in Edinburgh, Scotland for a year, and then her family moved to Switzerland. After having completed her degree at Zuercher Hochschule der Kuenste (ZHdK) in Zuerich, Switzerland, Sofie Siegmann moved to the San Francisco Bay Area. Influenced by the multi-ethnic cultures, the artist creates monumental public art pieces, paintings in flamboyant colors and sculptures made from recycables. Her paintings are like fireworks that emerge from colors and shapes. How the paint is applied varies. Sometimes delicate like watercolors, some other time with a big virtuosic strong scoop. Through this exuberant language the artist impresses us with her autonomy and originality. Besides paintings, Sofie Siegmann generates sculptures made from everyday objects, which are - put together anew - giving the thousand times reproduced objects a new, archaic meaning. Paintings and sculptures can be seen in galleries in the USA, Japan, Germany, Slovenia, Italy, England, France and Switzerland, many of the artist's work is in permanent and public collections worldwide. Public Collections: -Artefact Hotel Art Consultants, London -Firma Marcuard FO, Zurich -Goldwell Open Air Museum, Nevada -Collection Nikolas Hayek -Stiftung Schloss Greifensee -Lied Discovery Children’s Museum, Las Vegas -Spital Olten -Klinik Hirslanden, Zurich -Klinik zur Linde, Biel -Bibliothek Kressbronn, Grmany -Eidgenössisches Gesundheitswesen, Solothurn Artist's Statement: If I were a writer I would write poems. I would write about thunderstorms, water, wrath and tenderness, sun and shade, dreams, travels, ice-cream, love, salt and suntan lotion. But because I am an eye-person and I write with my eyes, I express all of that with color and shape, the different shapes of canvasses (rectangular, square, a triptych). I have practised for a long time (and am a graduate from the art school "˜Zuercher Hochschule der Kuenste' in Switzerland) and decided early on to follow the path of a visual artist. The titles of a painting: I collect words and phrases which I hear and read, and jot them down, until I find a painting for a title (and vice versa: a title for a painting). But the title doesn't always express what the painting is about. You have to decide that yourself. If I see a still life with the title "˜lemon with waterglass', and the title is the same, I don't get any additional information, on the contrary, I get upset, because I can see that it is a lemon and a waterglass. On the other hand if a viewer looks at a painting with waves and water and thinks, that's exactly how it feels to be standing on the beach of the mighty Pacific Ocean. And the viewer sees all the facets and nuances, he feels the sand, smells the salt, hears the roaring of the waves. Then that is right. In addition, if the name of the triptych is 'Bonny Dune', and the viewer, knows that it is a beach off Highway One between San Francisco and Santa Cruz, then this is another, additional piece of information. At the same time another viewer may see the color green and a face appearing in the upper left corner, made out of droplets it seems, and maybe there are flowers in the middle of the triptych, that grow like (alien?) creatures out of there. Then that is right, too. Everybody sees differently. In Becketts 'Waiting for Godot'. Who are the protagonists really waiting for in this theater piece, who are we waiting for? What are our expectations? What are our dreams, paths, ideas? What are our goals in life? Everybody decides that for themselves, in the same way everybody decides what one wants to see in my paintings. Nothing is really wrong, nothing is really true. The painting 'auspicious' with the red, shiny paint, that reminds me of a jewellery case, with leaves that fall and grow, blossoms, that bloom and wilt, I see our luck, that comes and goes. We wish each other good luck, all the best, do well, congratulations. And so it is that I wish the viewers of my paintings: take your time and "˜bon voyage'!

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