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Stanza Widen

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  Artist: Stanza Widen
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Stanza Widen Artist Bio:

I was born in South Africa and studied for a BFA at Rhodes University with Brian Bradshaw. I now live in Northwestern British Columbia, Canada. My profile picture "Butterfly Dreaming" is a watercolour illustration I painted when I arrived in Canada and I am identified by it everywhere online. For personal security reasons I choose to not have photographs of myself posted anywhere in the public arena. Although being a landscape painter using pastel has been a lifelong love, I explore other media in an effort to express my thoughts and emotions which I feel very strongly about. This has been a voyage of discovery where I have found new dimensions I was only able to dream of in the past. Please note that ALL of my images (C.N. Robertson, Conoro, Conowi, Stanza) do not belong to the public domain. All images are the copyright of the artist, © Stanza Widen. All Rights Reserved. Copying, altering, displaying, distributing and/or selling any image without prior written consent from the artist is strictly prohibited.

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