Stefan Fransson

Stefan Fransson

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  Artist: Stefan Fransson
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Stefan Fransson Artist Bio:

Swedish artist Stefan Fransson makes light mesh metal sculptures and abstract digital collages out of photographs, his prints, and other images. Flakes, an installation of mobiles and mesh sculptures that protrude from the wall, is a medley of light, whimsical parts, which could be snowflakes, clouds, gases, leaves, or other natural formations that populate our atmosphere. Fransson's collages express a similar interest in depicting natural phenomenon exuberantly. "Land" layers jagged shapes and slices of color in a composition that suggests the beauty of sedimentary overlap and accumulation. In The Change, this sedimentary theme is rendered as a large, biomorphic shape that looms inert, simply a part of everything, over the horizon of a nameless city. Written by : Debora Kuan, writer, and art critic. New York. A photo of Stefans hanging sculture 'Roll' is selected to be cover art for the new Chick Corea album ' The Continents'. Featured artist at Featured artist at Essay written by art critic Deborah Kuan,New York. Stefan Fransson | Top autority in Paper art.

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