Stephan B. Reisig

Stephan B. Reisig

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  Artist: Stephan B. Reisig
 Live in: Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, Netherlands
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Stephan B. Reisig Artist Bio:

Born the 31 of July 1964, Stephan B. Reisig lives and works in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.Stephan B. Reisig (48) is a painter who works mostly with oil paint on canvas. Sometimes he uses mixed techniques like charcoal/pencil and acrylic paint on paper. The style can be described as realism with a certain aspect of alienation and depersonalization of the depicted individual which gives it an urban anonymity. In his newest series he wants to achieve to express the pureness of used materials and the pureness and directness of the depicted (human/ animal) forms trough painting ànd drawing, straight on the canvas. /

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