Still (Real) LYF 17 by Mike Carney

Still (Real) LYF 17

Still (Real) LYF 17 by Mike Carney

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Painting: Acrylic, Spray Paint and Wood on Canvas.
Note to collectors: This work will be available through Saatchi Art one week prior to the opening of "Mike Carney @ The Bunker Center for the Arts" in Kansas City, MO on Friday, May 6th. The piece will be exhibited and made for sale during the month and half long run of the show. It will then be crated and sent out to it's purchaser after the show comes down in June. The focus of my practice explores balance through illusion and deception, creating relationships of image-based representation to tangible, sculptural objects. Often the perceptual and physical space of painting collides through the use of non-traditional materials and interruption of the painted plane. Image becomes object and vice-versa. The image is now digested by the masses not as a photo of something else, but as an entity all to itself. The images produced, and now disseminated across endless technological landscapes, have found a life of their own; in turn putting in to question the current authority in which the object itself holds. The digestible still life, botanicals, portraits, pottery and carpentry are so familiar that their very existence is wallpaper worthy. Yet, the relationship of skin with bones transgresses the consumable surface. The isolated image or object then comes further to life with its illusion. An illusion that is less about its pure opticality and more of a reference to reality versus its observed reality. As if one were to view the world through a piece of saran wrap.
Keywords: paint, pottery, blue, wood, botanic, cut, flower, fold, illusion