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Susan Washington

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  Artist: Susan Washington
 Live in: East Stroudsburg, PA, United States
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Susan Washington Artist Bio:

There is a strong narrative running through Susan Washington's work that references her long involvement with collage, textiles and fashion. At 5 years old she was tutored in the art of origami and sumi ink drawing by her Japanese Godmother and spent her teens deconstructing dressmaking as a punk fashionista. Washington then went to work in the NYC fashion industry for 15 years. Her paintings reflect her history with tailoring, pattern pieces and threads as she cuts, rips and assembles painted textiles into compositions that explore the relationships between shapes and where loose threads and torn edges find new meaning as expressive line. She likes to work big and her recent work demonstrates a love and understanding of the early work of the Synthetic Cubists, Abstract Expressionists and the St. Ives School of Painters and in particular, Rauschenberg, Twombly and Ben Nicholson along with the collage artist Conrad Marca-Relli. Susan’s work has been exhibited at venues such as the Atkinson Art Center in the UK, Bethlehem House Gallery and Dutot Museum with an upcoming exhibition, Washington – New Works at the Madelon Powers Gallery in East Stroudsburg University in 2017. Her work is collected internationally in numerous private collections. Statement: My recent work continues the exploration of shapes that originate in tailoring pattern pieces. My 2016 works are more structural in their compositions and, for the first time, include black, darkbrown and reds as the ground on which I collage scraps of canvas and other textile I have previously painted or sewn. Beginning with a loose charcoal grid I hang my fabric onto the grid, in a similar fashion to how a dressmaker would pin fabric onto a dress form, I just simply create abstract paintings rather than couture. As I work I allow threads and frayed edges to act as painterly gestures within a loose grid of contrasting shapes that jostle for position across the canvas. I enjoy the tensions where shapes meet and create negative space or where color overlaps and interacts.

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