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Sylvia Baldeva

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FLOW is the essence of my creation. It symbolises freedom, fluidity and effortless sensation. So easy in appearance and so difficult to tame. The use of ink and watercolor is a key as these techniques are the expression of fluidity thus the more laborious to control. This is a permanent challenge when creating as it does not allow any misstep. When flow is in mind, flow comes easier on the paper. Concentration and letting go are the compelling allies. The alchemy comes out of this dichotomy... .................... If a picture has enough emotional outcome it does not need words or explanation. It goes directly to the understanding. It is a communication of the senses between the artist and the spectator. Pictures has their own langage and all kind of "translation" by words would be an intrusion to the spectator's inner intelligence and sensations. --------------------- Sylvia Baldeva combines her passion and love of creating Fine Art with her talent as a successful freelance Illustrator. Born in Bulgaria she now creates her Art in Paris. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Fine and Contemporary Arts from the University of Sorbonne, Paris. She is a Canson's Artist-Ambassador. Her creativity is guided by freedom of expression, working in an intuitive and spontaneous way. Creativity for Sylvia is a journey between control and freedom where subjects display their feelings, moods and emotions. She has a particular sensitivity for techniques where color-flow reveals the subjects and forms. Ink and watercolor create abstract effects which enrich the visual impact of her work. Sylvia carefully selects paper as the essential foundation to the creative process. Her choice enhances the spirit of each art-piece. Her subjects vary according to her inspirations. People, animals, landscapes are her pretext for expressing atmosphere, mood, feeling, emotion ... ----------------------

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