Sylvia Cohen

Sylvia Cohen

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  Artist: Sylvia Cohen
 Live in: Montreal, QC, Canada
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Sylvia Cohen Artist Bio:

Based in Montreal, Canada. After graduating from Concordia University with a BFA in studio Art/Art Education, I studied Fashion Design and Illustration. A career in Fashion design and Illustration has allowed me to satisfy my urge to sketch and create. My work merges several worlds, with art and fashion colliding. As seen in the portraits and figures my paintings are a study in energy and colour. I work mostly with Acrylic paint and watercolour. As I start a painting, my mind is blank. Although my starting point is often a photograph, I have no preconceived idea of what it will look like. I work with the feeling of the moment, I let my hands do the thinking until the material speaks to me. This way what emerges is something totally honest and personal, with no interference from the judging conscious part of me. Only after the main flow of the piece has been established, do I start to look at it and work on its formal aspect. The image seems to emerge by itself, smoothly. I am always amazed at the outcome, as each work is a reproduction of some intricate part of my psyche.

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