Sylwia kubus

Sylwia kubus

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  Artist: Sylwia kubus
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Sylwia kubus Artist Bio:

Sylwia Kubus is a Berlin based animation director, painter born in 1977 Poland. Sylwia studied animation at Fillmschool Lodz and Animationsinstitut Ludwigsburg, Germany. She also attended painting Workshops at the Atelier of a Painter Marius Korczak. The language, Sylwia uses in her works, is strongly associated with traditional means of visual expression established in the 20th century. Emotional relationship with every topic distinguishes her work. She is interested in the ”true” nature of man. In her paintings one finds figures and object studies, which at the same time, have attributes characteristic for the photographic art . Color and mood are particularly important in her paintings. With equally strong emotionality, she paints landscapes and abstract compositions.

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