Sylwia Narbutt

Sylwia Narbutt

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  Artist: Sylwia Narbutt
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Sylwia Narbutt Artist Bio:

I am an artist who mostly paints but also uses other media in my work. Photographs, Video, Drawing, Collages. I do not concentrate on one kind of medium. I use a technique that is most sufficient to the project. As an artist I am an observer. I am interested in transformations, small - sometimes hardly visible changes. That’s why most of my work is based on commonly known pictures, existing images. By taking away or adding elements I create my version of a story. Sometimes a story creates itself just by placing one image next to another. By placing fragments of diverse realities together I intend to narrate a storie. I often use documentary appeal, (realistic, photographic style in painting) to manipulate the viewer’s perception and judgments. I am interested in people and their forgotten stories, joining bits and pieces to reflect on reality and on lost historic tales. When I was a kid somebody told me that after death artists are employed to paint the sky. So that is why I decided to become one. I went to art collage and then later to the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw where I completed an MA. I moved to London in 2006. Many things inspire me. Usually one project evolves into another, so creation is like a long continuous process. On the way some subjects become more urgent while others need to be left behind.

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