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T A Harris

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  Artist: T A Harris
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I recently moved from Seattle, WA to a small town east of the Cascades Mountains, a semi arid region, for the light. I bought a large, charmless house because it had lots of space for working at the various media I use from printmaking to photography to painting. I began my career as a painter (self trained) but got interested in photography and decided to get formal training in that medium. However, I've always loved painting and sculpture and this has shown in my photo work as still lives of found objects, altered found objects and stuff fabricated from various materials. I have worked as a painter, sculptor and installation artist brought together as a photograph: the final image. I have shifted my artistic emphasis back to painting in order to satisfy a need to work with more 'hands on' materials in completing the image. I work with a mix of media, mostly acrylic on paper but I don't like to talk about it much. My work is deceptively simple (I like to cover my tracks): sometimes gestural, sometimes controlled; all with a love of materiality and color, detail within a spare context, or less detail in broad context. And, to conclude, I am still a self trained painter.

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