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Artist/Musician. Art name: Tar C. (a.k.a Barian). Band name: Tar Crystalline. Tar Crystalline recently released a full-length album available on TIDAL, iTunes and Spotify called "Living Inside My Head". I write and record for female singers and they are featured on that album, where I play all the guitars and bass, along with producing and mixing the tracks. Currently recording with a singer from American Idol season 10. My art is informed strongly by music...always has been. Since art college, I've been trying to link the two seamlessly. After finishing this album, I became inspired to do some new, very large artworks. Visual soundscapes as I call them. I take pictures in a highly unorthodox manner, throwing any past photographic conventions out the window. Perfectly composed, well-focused, still photographs don't interest me. Viewing individual pictures as "brushstrokes" or "musical notes", I montage them to create a new visual order, akin to a song or a soundscape. The three visual artists I draw great inspiration from are: Basquiat (the wildness and vibrancy), Julian Scnabel (the large-scale and freedom) and Sean Scully (the uniformity). Songwriting influences: Beatles Neil Young Elliott Smith Kacey Musgraves Magnetic Fields Morphine Beware of Darkness Merle Haggard The The

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