Tatiana Nesvetailo Nega

Tatiana Nesvetailo Nega

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  Artist: Tatiana Nesvetailo Nega
 Live in: St. Petersburg, Glinky st., Russia
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Tatiana Nesvetailo Nega Artist Bio:

After graduating from the Academic Institute of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture (Department of History and Theory of Art) in 1989 I worked as an art critic for many years. Only in 2012 I began to create artworks myself. The main idea of my work is the searching for the plastic form adequate to time in which we live. Digital art, macro photography, video of slow motion, etc. inspired me to create the author's technique, by which I try to manage the process of spontaneous movement of the colour masses to create an image of fluid continuous self-perpetuating matter of life. Another aspect of my work is the desire to reflect the interaction of natural and rational principles. Spontaneity, direct expression of feelings, a gust in our life compels us to restrain, restrict, issued in accordance with accepted standards. The coexistence of these two opposing forces directly reflected in my artistic method, which involves two main stages of execution conceived: free rapid movement through a variety of authoring tools and the final completion with brush.

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