Terrell Lozada

Terrell Lozada

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  Artist: Terrell Lozada
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Terrell Lozada Artist Bio:

The central theme of my work is exploring the similarities of being seated within the metaphysical space of the body and of being inside the physical space of architecture. My fascination with physical and perceptive spaces began while growing up in Italy and playing in Palladio’s Teatro Olimipico, and continues today in my exploration of the particular silence that can only be experienced within one’s heart. I am a painter and sculptor, and am currently combining the two disciplines by working in maiolica (tin-glazed earthenware). My work has been exhibited in galleries and cultural centers, including the Seattle Art Museum Gallery, the American Institute of Architects, Port Angeles Fine Art Center; Spokane Arts Commission Chase Gallery, the Center for Contemporary Art and the Pratt Fine Arts Center in Seattle, Washington. I was a recipient of a grant from WESTAF and completed The Artist Trust’s EDGE program.

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